Name project group: YelloCab

Project group member

  • Roy van Oeteren

Study year: 2

Study route: ICT & Media Design

“You can envision YelloCab as the big shot Uber, but than for the entire taxi market instead of just own staff.”

What was for you the reason to register for the preliminaries for ICTalent 2017?

Before I was offered the possibility to participate in the preliminary of the ICTalent 2017 I was already working on developing the app YelloCab. The awards have triggered me to pitch my idea and see how far I could come. Besides it is an extra motivator to put more time and effort in YelloCab. Also the networking and publicity for my idea to no less than 70 companies have made my decided to be bold and register.

How can you best describe your product? What can it do? What does it do?

My product is the app “YelloCab”, simply a taxi compare- and order app. You can envision it as the big shot Uber, but than for the entire taxi market instead of just own staff. The user get a nice an clear overview of all available taxis in the vicinity, the first thing you notice is how fast taxis can be at your doorstep. If you then register your destination it also shows how much the taxi will cast. Furthermore it states what kind of transportation (electrical, luxury, van etc.). This way the user can make a well-considered decision. If the taxi is ordered the user can see the taxi coming through a map. We offer the YelloCab user a complete overview as well as it is user friendly. For the taxi driver the app offers a couple of advantages, think for example of a broader market and a lower dependency of standing places (for instance void hours at Central Station).

What makes your product so unique?

At this moment there is no app that compares all taxis and combines it with a great ease of use. There is a small competitor name “FrashCabs”, but I still see a lot of possibilities for my app to shine in the field of user friendliness, automation and the best user experience in comparison to ‘FreshCabs”. We make the entire taxi market clear to the user and make sure drivers don’t have to wait at stations anymore, a higher level of use of the taxis and deciding their own price instead of having to settle to the rules of for instance Uber.

Which teacher coached you or has inspired you?

My smart mobiel teacher, Michael Schifferling, has helped with the technical parts, but the true inspiration I got form the current taxi market. I have several friends who work as driver and told me about this problem, that I started to tackle. My father and my god uncle Leaon inspired me, for they have given me the entrepreneurial mindset and keep on teaching me new insights.

Why should you win the ICTalent Awards 2017?

I would like to win, but that is not why I participate. My primary reason is to get publicity and to network.

My idea / product should win because the current taxi market has a very bad image and has become diffuse. I offer a solution for this where both the YelloCab up user as the driver profit from a better overview, higher supply and demand and a high level of transparency. It is innovative and distinctive, but also a practical IT solution which provides a need, and can be launched in short term.

What, if you win the first prize of 2000 euro per person? How are you going to use the money to develop your product or your talents?

I would look for professional guidance for marketing and product launch of YelloCab. It is of the utmost importance for the end success since all depends on the familiarity of the app. Besides that I want to search for (Android) programmers to create the YelloCab app also for other platforms. The €2000,- are going to help me to pay for the labour costs for the before mentioned activities.

And… what do you want to tell your competition?

Well, boys and girls, I will you luck and am very curious for your pitches. I have seen quite a few good presentations during the preliminaries from which I surely can learn, not just the idea, but also the pitch itself. I hope I can inspire you as well en look forward to be your competitor. I look forward to seeing you all again and share thoughts over drinks.