Name project group: VidChain 

Project group members:

  • Tom de Wildt
  • Pedro dos Santos Marques
  • Simon van Someren
  • Li Wei Hu
  • Frank Broeks
  • Mario Olislaegers

Study year: 2

Study route: ICT & Software Engineering 

Location: Eindhoven

“We believe that we have an innovative idea, which does not exist in this way.”

What was for you the reason to register for the preliminaries for ICTalent 2018?
We believe that we have an innovative idea, which does not exist in this way. Because we have used all kinds of new technologies to make something that was not possible before, we thought we were good candidates to win.

How can you best describe your product? What can it do? What does it do?
Our product is a video platform that focuses on (financially) supporting creative people who make videos.Because the platform is very easy to keep up and running thanks to blockchain technology and decentralized data storage, all the money people spend watching a movie goes largely to the creators of the video and not to us as a middle man.This platform uses a cryptocurrency, VidCoins, developed by us that can be purchased on our website. These are used to view content. People can also view films for free by helping us support the infrastructure through our Contributor Application. By running those on their computers, our users are rewarded with balance to watch movies.

What makes your product so unique?
What makes our product so unique is the financial focus on the makers of films instead of us as a company. Our product is intended as an answer to the growing phenomenon, New Media. Nowadays it is very hard to earn enough money from this. We try to solve this problem and we are unique in this.


Why should you win the ICTalent Awards 2018?
We offer an idea for a product that can potentially have a disruptive effect on the market. An ambitious yet feasible product that, with the right resources behind it, can become a very interesting and successful project. It is an attempt to create something remarkable. We think that is worth an ICTalent Award.

What, if you win the first prize of 5000 euro? How are you going to use the money to develop your product or your talents?
The idea is to invest the money back in a startup after the end of the semester

And… what do you want to tell your competition?
Good luck male and female dudes.