Show Up

Name project group: Show Up 

Project group members:

  • Ryan Royer
  • Jeff Aknine

Study year: 3rd Year

Study route: ICT & Business / ICT & Technology

“Show Up is a social platform for location based content sharing between people”

What was for you the reason to register for the preliminaries for ICTalent 2017?

We registered for the paramilitaries for ICT Talent because we believed that it would be a fantastic opportunity to showcase the project that we were working on and sharing our experiences thus far. In addition, spreading the idea to help us gain exposure and feedback. 

How can you best describe your product? What can it do? What does it do?

Show Up is a social platform for location based content sharing between people. The mobile app suggests the best events & places to visit based on your search profile (Gender, Sex, Location, Radius). Show Up sorts and ranks the results according to popularity and friends who are nearby. Users can also find cheap deals offered from different business places nearby.

The platform will also offer an additional web service for business to gain better insights on their customers and to advertise deals/discounts online. Registered business places will have access to in-depth data analytics based on users who visit. Furthermore, they can host advertisement champagnes or one off deals on discounted products for users on the mobile app.

What makes your product so unique?

Show Up is truly an amazing product as it can rank places based on connections with friends and personal profiles creating a more unique experience than traditional social application. In addition, the platform offers a great opportunity for businesses to advertise their products to a wide audience and gain invaluable information about their customers.

Which teacher coached you or has inspired you?

We were not guided or coached by any teacher.

Why should you win the ICTalent Awards 2017?

We are very proud of what we have made in just a few months and can foresee the future potential of this project. We have a great business model and two working mobile applications prototypes which have been tested on a small scale. People are excited about the idea and can see a real use for it! Show Up is a solution of innovation and Ingenuity which stemmed from a real-world problem which people can associated with. We believe that this application platform can be used to enable people to improve their social experiences and can will generate opportunities for growth in under advertised businesses.

What, if you win the first prize of 2000 euro per person? How are you going to use the money to develop your product or your talents?

When we win the first prize... A portion of the money will go into advertising the product on a wider scale to gain more user registrations and explore the potential development of additional features. Also, marketing activities & business expansion.

And… what do you want to tell your competition?

Have fun. Enjoy what you do and best of luck!