Name project group: RetireMe

Project group members:

  • Toon van Strijp
  • Sebastiaan Verdonk
  • Jordy Vonk

Study year: 4

Study route: ICT & Cyber Security en ICT & Business

Location: Eindhoven 

“RetireMe is an awareness platform to increase awareness about pensions for millennials”

What was for you the reason to register for the preliminaries for ICTalent 2018?
After winning the Blockchaingers Hackaton we have been busy with realizing the concept. With our participation, we first want to show students they have such great opportunities to develop their talents and make the most of their talents. Secondly, we seek as much feedback as possible on the concept and we want to increase the exposure on RetireMe. Participation in the ICTalent offers a very nice stage to optimize the pitch. Finally, because we are in this phase of development, we can use all funds to develop RetireMe.

How can you best describe your product? What can it do? What does it do?
RetireMe is an awareness platform to increase awareness about pensions for millennials. Through microtransactions we multiply the touch points to increase awareness. We use a simple and appealing usecase of deposit money on plastic bottles. Because of this usecase, we can explain to 25-year-olds in a low-threshold way that one euro deposit is worth 15 euros when they retire 40 years later. Millennials now think that one euro is worth less. Practically, we achieve this through an app that lets you scan the deposit receipts and see what the value is when you retire. The platform uses blockchain to guarantee scalability and transparency. This is important for pension funds that must be able to prove that the money they say they have in possession is really in their possession. This proving costs pension funds huge amounts of money on auditors. Scalability is necessary for the expansion of usecases. For example, we can add technically low-threshold users, pension providers and usecases such as super markets.


What makes your product so unique?
At present, there is no awareness tool for millenials that easily creates pension awareness with multiple touchpoints.

Why should you win the ICTalent Awards 2018?
It is an optimal manifestation of talents developed at school, the idea is to perform within 100 days where the app stands as proof of concept, a similar concept does not exist yet, the business value touches both society and pension funds, and finally, we can use the money to further develop the concept.

What, if you win the first prize of 5000 euro? How are you going to use the money to develop your product or your talents?
The first step towards launch is the validation of our Business Model Canvas, for which we have to talk with many market experts. Then we will further develop the platform with blockchain where the knowledge is still relatively scarce.

And... what do you want to tell your competition?
We are glad to share the stage with more cross-curricular students. Use the stage, talk with fellow ICTalent participants and use the networking possibilities at the event.