Name project group: CRE-8

Project group members: 

  • Stefan Lambregts
  • Marnix van Hal
  • Kenza Remmers
  • Joep van Antwerpen

Study year: 1

Study route: ICT & Business

Location: Tilburg 

“We are convinced that our product makes a meaningful contribution to today's society.”

What was for you the reason to register for the preliminaries for ICTalent 2018?
We are convinced that our product makes a meaningful contribution to today's society. For this reason, we wanted to participate in the ICTalent awards. This is a great opportunity to show our product to the rest of the Netherlands.

How can you best describe your product? What can it do? What does it do?
Our product is an innovation for simplifying the assembly of do-it-yourself kits. Our product can place a prototype in your mobile device using Augmented Reality, allowing you to visually follow steps how you can assemble a certain product. It reduces environmental pollution by reducing the production of paper manuals. In addition, it mainly simplifies processes of assembly for the consumer, so fewer complaints will be made and generally more satisfied customers. It is the case that when paper manuals are replaced for 'online manuals', 90% fewer mistakes are made.

What makes your product so unique?
Our product will use Augmented Reality, which is very up and coming and is still being experimented with. With our product we are going to ensure that the construction process of various products becomes a lot easier and more accessible for the consumer. Because of this, people will have fewer problems and waste less time.

Why should you win the ICTalent Awards 2018?
We should win the ICTalent Awards 2018 because we are convinced that we have the innovation that adds to society. We would also like to introduce our idea to the market and ICTalent Awards is a great way to do so.

What, if you win the first prize of 5000 euro? How are you going to use the money to develop your product or your talents?
We want to use the money to further develop our product. We will use this money, for example, to apply certain marketing strategies. That way we can introduce our product better to the market. 

And… what do you want to tell your competition?
We want to wish everybody lots of success, may the best one win.