Hank van der Put

Getting the best from people, innovations and organizations are core values which Hank has been keen on for years. No innovations for the innovation, but realizing demonstrable improvement with a positive impact on people and organizations. By looking differently at complex questions the more practical solutions remain. During his study and career Hank has developed to an all-round manager with the ability to use Business Economics, Business Development and Innovation. Because of various industrial development and the internet globalization has accelerated and new information and communication technologies are in reach, but do organizations now work more effective and sustainable? Are things changing? Which role do speed, changes and digital connections play in our society?

After his career at various international companies like Philips, Nokia, KNP and Station 12 Hank is now CEO at Acknowledge. An organization which focuses on making organizations more effective and viable within the information and communication technology by using the three core values: growth, connectivity and flexibility.

“Together we create Passion for your result”.